Send a parcel is good

it is even better when it is well packed!

For your shipments to travel safely, it is essential that they are properly packaged and labelled.

Packaging procedures.

1If you reuse envelopes or boxes, be sure to remove old labels.

2Securely attach the transport slip to the package. The transport slip is like the air ticket of your expedition; If it is no longer attached, the delivery will be delayed.

3The bar codes on the transport slip are scanned on many occasions during the journey of your parcel.
Be careful, the bar code must be flat and must not be covered with scotch tape, plastic film or tensioners.

4Place the transport slip on top or on one side of your package and check that it is not straddling the corners or edges of the box.

5Use appropriate protective packaging for fragile or delicate items and ensure that they are positioned as far away is possible from the corners of the box.

6In order to prevent injuries to our employees, we will be grateful that you pack any sharp edges with great care. The contents should not risk piercing the packaging.

7In case of international shipping or import of parcel, it is important to print the Monenvoivert Label AND the completed invoice and paste them on the parcel. Link of the Invoice to complete