Our Service: Deferred payment

Why is it beneficial to defer payment?

By setting up the SEPA transfer on your MONENVOIFACILE.COM professional account, your orders are settled at the end of each month only, by direct debit. We also offer to pay for your order by a simple payment with your credit card.

Nowadays deferred payment is an indispensable tool in commerce and e-commerce, whether it is saving time in your shipment but also to simplify your operation, we offer our customers to settle their entire order at End of each month on their MonEnvoiVert.com account. In addition to the deferred payment, we provide you with a direct and interactive follow-up of your outstanding loans.

How does it work?

It is very simple, you simply have to set up a SEPA transfer in your business space MonEnvoiVert.com at the end of each month. Your orders will be automatically adjusted by direct debit. We also provide you with payment by credit card, easy, fast & secure.